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Temecula Valley Flyers


(Oct 6, 2014) 
Hello to All,
Well the summer is behind us and October is here but so far not the cool temperatures.
Back in 2009 and 2010 TVF hosted two "Battle of Al Alamien" air combat events. Due to some discussions in July that I was part of, we began to plan and schedule an air combat contest that took place on Sept 20th. Just like the past, it was fast pace, exciting, and a day of action and fun. Pilots were on the edge as they clipped the streamers and made a few midair collisions. About 14 visitors came by and were excited, interested in the sport, and only thought that all we did was fly our planes in a box pattern around the field and land them. Numerous club members were in attendance to provide support and cheer for the flyers. Our own Les Crook did very well as he took 2nd in SSC (the 15 cc engine class), third in the Open B class (the 25 cc engines), and second overall just missing overall champion by a slim margin. Way ago Les!! We hope to schedule and plan another air combat event in late spring.
We will have our General Membership meeting on Oct 11th which will also be our Membership and Family Appreciation Day and Fun Fly. We will begin the Fun Fly with a safety brief and a discussion of the days events which will begin around 8:30AM . Around 10:00AM, we will close the field for a short General Membership Meeting and then reopen the field to flying and maybe the second contest. To add some spice to the Fun Fly, we are planning to provide some challenges to test your pilot skills and finesse. We need volunteers to help out, judge, and provide support to ensure a safe and friendly environment.We will eat around 12:30PM. Flying will continue during lunch for those who wish to do so.  Around 1:00PM we will have the raffle and share the results of the contests. Clean up will take place around 1:30PM. 
It is membership drive time renewal again for the 2015 year. This year we are utilizing an our web page capability that will offer the members a paperless electronic application process. It is easy and fast. It will allow members to use their PayPal accounts (or their credit card) to pay the membership fee. This will save time, postage, paper, and eliminate 90% of the passing of member's checks that require accounting and then depositing. If you prefer to use the paper method, please let one of the Officers know so we can mail you the application. Regardless of method, you will still need to renew your AMA membership through the AMA before your application is complete.
Finally, we are also in the season of the election of new Officers for 2015-2016. The offices that you can run for include President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Member at Large. We also have Web Master, Membership, Event Director, Club Flight Instructor, and Club Safety Officer that you could volunteer for. Please think about running for office. Our Club is only as strong as its leadership and that leadership comes from you the member. 
Safe Flying.....
Tony Poletti
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