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Temecula, CA
Tony Poletti
(951) 805-2272
Temecula Valley Flyers


(Jan 26, 2015)

Hello to All,

When I was elected last year, my primary focus is to increase community awareness of the mission of the TVF through a variety of public relation events thus resulting in increasing membership. Well, this is still my focus as everything that TVF do must be tired to new members.

TVF membership is still hovering around the low 40's as we experience slow growth. Although this is good news, our greatest enemy is still low and or decreasing membership. With a gain in membership over the year, we cannot rest on our laurels, we must continue to get our name out in the community and be proactive with recruiting new members. We are all recruiters and must take advantage to seek out new members. We are still working on the question of flying on Sundays and the Planning Commission has received our findings, arguments for, and a summary on the Sunday question.

My vision for the club this upcoming year is to host one Cadet Fun Fly, participate in the Temecula July 4 Parade, one War Bird Fun Fly, one Air Combat competition in partnership with the Palomar Club, a Member and Family Appreciation Fun Fly, and the Christmas Dinner. All of these events will be contingent upon funding priorities and the budget. We will schedule and host these public relation events to increase community awareness of the mission of the TVF and thus the hopeful results of drawing new members. In 2014, we were able to be selected as one of the AMA Leader Clubs (Gold Award) and I have been working on the 2015 Application and packet to submit in January after the General Membership meeting. In February, I will publish tentative dates for 2015.

Next, we have a lot of RC talent and corporate experience in the Temecula Valley Flyers to include engineers, electricians, CPAs, carpenters, machinists, law enforcement, former and retired military, pilots, educators, and other occupations that we can use to improve our landing field and community awareness of TVF. With that said, please pledge time to do a project at the field that you feel confident moreover, comfortable with. We rely on self-help as we have limited funds to work with. We have several small projects that require attention. In 2014, we had two major projects that took place. One was Don Starr who saw an opportunity to improve the Shed so he and his crew organized, cleaned, and reconfigured the supports for the trainers with an added benefit of moving the outside charging station to the west side of the shed where it is mostly in the shade. The second was Ken Coorndyk and Bob Woodward who repaired six workbenches. In February, I will publish projects needing repair.

We are in our annual membership renewal season and fund drive. This is the only real income we receive to operate the field. As of this publication date, we have had 21 members renew or begin their membership with TVF. This is a good start but we need the other members to renew their membership. Thankfully, we are solvent and finished 2014 in the "Black" with a carryover. We still have reoccurring costs such as the Port-a-potty, web page renewal, and the AMA Charter Membership to name a few. There are two ways to renew your application, (1) is through the web page or (2) the paper application method. Copies of the paper application will be in the Field Bulletin Board Jan 2. You must renew your AMA membership before you renew your TVF application. Until we get a Membership Chairmen, please contact me for any questions and please take advantage of the Electronic method through the web site and pay your dues via PayPal.

Please mark your calendar for Feb 12, 2015 beginning at 7:00PM at the Temeku Clubhouse Center.

Safe Flying

Tony Poletti

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